March 6, 2024

Elks in the Offseason: Nyles Morgan

EDMONTON, AB – Nyles Morgan has quickly become a cornerstone of the Edmonton Elks defence.

The 27-year-old joined the Green and Gold after being a highly-recruited linebacker when entering the college ranks. Morgan settled with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish where he became a captain and racked up 250 total tackles in his four seasons at the University.

Since then, all he has done is produce at the pro-level with 214 tackles in his first three seasons with the Elks. Morgan’s 107 defensive tackles last year was good for second  in the CFL, despite only suiting up for 15 games.

The Chicago product is busy preparing for another solid season in the heart of the Elks defence. Morgan spoke to GoElks.com to discuss making Edmonton his home and more in the latest instalment of Elks in the Offseason.

First of all Nyles, how’s your offseason going?

It’s going well, man. It’s going very well.

What is, what is a typical day in the life of Nyles Morgan look like?

Right now it is 6:45 a.m. lifts. And then I have clients that I train after that at the gym. not the get rehab after that if I needed some from Cheese (Brian Cheeseman) or Lisa (Swallow). And then it’s food. So much food. I’m starving. It’s like noon by this point. Then I usually have meetings for my business at some point throughout that time between twelve and four. Get some more food. And then I train my boys who are in my football program. I train them at the gym. I work out again. I work out myself too at six with them. And the rest of the night is just game planning for the next day, like marketing, media, stuff like promoting my business.  I have my football programs. I have my small kids on Thursdays to Sundays, and I have my high school group on Saturdays and Sundays that I coach and train.

Here’s your chance to plug it. Where can people find your football groups?

Oh, you can find them at TTC (Turf Training Centre). It’s called Destined Athletics for the older boys, and my younger ones it’s called Mini Legends. But, you guys can all follow me on Instagram at @nylesmorgan_5 or @destined.athletics.

You seem to spend a lot of your time training.  How many hours a day do you think you spend in the gym on a regular basis right now?

Like a day? Five hours in the gym? Six?  It’s part of it, it’s part of grinding. February to March is when I start to lift that heavy. So I’m really getting back to my routines and whatnot. I’m coaching football to these kids all the time, so I’m out there on the field too — running around, showing them drills, competing with the kids, making them better and to keep myself busy.”

How do you like it, Edmonton? Now, you’re from Chicago, but you’ve been here for a couple years now. What do you think of the city?

I like the city. It seems I’ve found my way with the football programs and just doing just due diligence in the community. I’ve connected a lot of dots with a lot of different people and think it’s pretty great.

Where are your go to places to go in Edmonton when you’re not doing your football stuff?

I’ve been doing a lot of meals at home lately.

Maybe just places you go in your spare time?

What spare time?

Fair enough.

Let me think some good spots. I just went to this spot called the Parlour. That was pretty good. Great food there. I love going to Panini’s. Tony’s my guy, that’s the owner. That is my best pizza in Edmonton. Panini’s pizza. I’m always at Way back burger buying food.”

You’re a Chicago guy. What are your thoughts on a Chicago deep dish? Are you pro deep dish or do you prefer a different type of pizza?

I’m pro, but you can’t eat that every day. As an athlete, I can’t eat that every day. I love it when I have it and I’ll leave it at that.

What were your favorite places to go back home in Chicago?

Favorite place to go was to the beach. There’s a beachfront all along the Chicago side and when I was staying over east, I live right by the water, so I love just going out in the morning, going for runs by the water on the beach. Can’t beat it.

I would say summertime Chicago is something that I miss. You can’t beat that. Everything is just alive. There’s always going to be something do outside. There’s always an event going on, a parade. It’s just a loving place.