January 29, 2024

Elks in the Offseason: Kevin Brown

EDMONTON, AB – Edmonton Elks running back Kevin Brown exploded onto the CFL scene in September of 2022. In the final seven games of the season, the Mount Pleasant, South Carolina product racked up 662 all purpose yards while averaging 6.6 yards per carry on the ground. The performance saw Brown voted as the Elks Most Outstanding Rookie, despite only appearing in just over a third of the team’s games.

Brown’s 2023 encore proved the 27-year-old running back was legit, finishing second in the Canadian Football League in rushing with 1,141 yards and 1,363 all purpose yards. His 1,000 yard performance saw Brown become just the 16th running back to eclipse the millennium mark and the first since CJ Gable did the feat back in 2019.

The dynamic running back is looking to continue rolling for the Elks in 2024 and in preparation for the season, GoElks.com talked to Brown about how his offseason preparations have been going.

Where do you spend your offseason?

In my hometown, South Carolina. (Mount Pleasant)

What does a typical day look like for you right now?

It’s pretty much boring. Today I woke up at, like, 5:00 in the morning, went to workout with my trainer and other football guys, and then came back home around eight is take a shower, then I take a nice little nap. Then I pretty much have the rest of the day  free to do whatever I want. So depending on the day, I go help my granny with anything she needs or just run little simple errands. And then at night, like any typical guy would do, play a game, watch tv, or whatever, typically.

What are you gaming right now? Are you a Call of Duty guy or are you something else?

It’s definitely Call of Duty right now.

Are you connecting with any of the teammates online, or is it just people from back home?

Right now it’s just guys from back home. I think during the season, we did have a little thing going on with other players.

What does your offseason training look like?

Just getting strength, maintaining it, and also the speed work and typical full run drills.

Are you a guy that sets goals for yourself in the upcoming season when it comes to personal stuff, or do you have some benchmarks you want to work towards, or do you see how the season goes and just kind of take it one play at a time?

I definitely have a personal goal in mind. The last season I was second overall (in the CFL) for the running back group. This season I’m going to be the first. So that’s a big one in mind. Another one is to get over 1,000 yards again this season and have more touchdowns.

You mentioned that you have some family around town. What do you guys usually like to do on a day where you don’t have to workout?

I have a laid back family, actually. We’ll go out for dinner, have some food, have a laugh. We would catch the Super bowl and the playoff games currently right now. Like just, last night I went to my sister’s crib and we watched the Ravens vs. Chiefs game and the Lions vs. 49ers game. As a family, we just like to spend time with each other.

Did you know much about the CFL prior to joining the league? I saw that your coach at Incarnate Word (Eric Morris) had been with the Roughriders?

Yeah, he talked about that briefly. The only thing he said is it gets cold. And I was like, dang, I hate the cold, but I didn’t know much about the game before I came up there. The only thing I did knew is that the field was wider and bigger.

Now that you’ve been able to play here for a year and a half, what are your thoughts?

I’m still learning actually. Just like, little rules that I’m still trying to get used to, but I’m liking it.

Have you had any chances to really explore Edmonton at all when you’ve been here or are there any go to spots up here that you like?

One spot I do like is the West Edmonton mall, of course. I did a little bit exploring, nothing too crazy. I do want to explore more this time around this upcoming season.