November 23, 2023

Special committee created to review Edmonton Elks ownership structure

With the goal of ensuring professional football continues to thrive in Northern Alberta, the Edmonton Football Club Board of Directors has created a special committee to conduct a review of the Edmonton Elks ownership structure, the Club announced Thursday.

The creation of the five-person special committee was approved by the Club’s Board late last month. The special committee consists of current Board members Tom Richards, Brent Hesje, and Darryl Boessenkool. They’re joined by previous Board members Diane Brickner, and Bruce Bentley, who serves as chair of the committee. Current Elks President and CEO Rick LeLacheur serves on the committee as a non-voting member.

“The Club’s financial struggles over the last several seasons can’t be overlooked. The impacts of the COVID pandemic, football operations decisions, and subsequent struggles on the field have all contributed to a difficult financial situation,” said LeLacheur.

“We’re confident in our ability to operate in 2024 thanks to our trust fund, strong season seat renewals, and the support of our sponsors and fans. We will, however, need new investment before the end of next season to ensure the Club is positioned to succeed for years to come.”

The special committee will bring forward recommendations to the Board, which will ultimately determine the best course of action for the Club. There is no firm deadline for the committee to provide its recommendations, however, the group understands the importance of an expedient process, as the Club — which has been community-owned since its founding in 1949 — prepares for its 75th season in 2024.

“As the committee does its work, we’re preparing to provide winning and exciting football on the field, and an entertaining game day experience,” said LeLacheur. “We’re confident that 2024 will provide a great fan experience and fun for all.”