You’re the reason we play. For more than seven decades, Double E fans have fueled Green and Gold gridiron excellence through your unwavering support.

We’re ready to write a new chapter in 2023 and need you in the stands to help make sure it’s a memorable one. Below you’ll find everything you need to know to secure your place in the stands at Commonwealth Stadium.

CLICK HERE to buy new 2023 season seats. It’s not just a seat…it’s your ticket to history. 

We love having you with us in the stands, and to show it, we have exclusive perks just for our season seat holders. Lock in for 2023 and get access to these great benefits and more.


New prices are coming to The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium in 2023, as we aim to grow our Green and Gold family with even more accessible ticket options.

Season seat holders get access to the best per-game price available across the stadium, all while locking in your existing price (plus inflation costs) for two seasons.

New price map, but existing season seat holders will have their current price locked in for two years!

Grandfathered Pricing

Current season seat holder’s prices will not be affected by the new price map (unless your seats are in a price level that went down in price) Otherwise your season seat prices will be grandfathered for 2 years (aside from regular 2-3% inflation increase year to year).

Upgrades/Additional Seats

As a current season seat holder, we will also honour the grandfathered price map for upgrades and additional seats. You will pay the current season ticket holder price/best price available for the seats you want to move into.  (example: you will still pay the difference between “current silver” and “current platinum” prices, but you will not have to pay the new price map prices on upgrades and additionals.)

Payment Options

We have several flexible payment options:

12-month plan (subscription model) don’t worry about renewing each year, as long as your payment method is up to date, we will renew your seats each year and your payments will continue to come out on the 15th of each month. This plan runs from October 15, 2022 – September 15, 2023

Full Payment Oct 15th – have your full season payment come out on October 15, 2022 and don’t worry about your season payments until next year.

Full Payment January 15, 2023 – Not paying until next calendar year? Commit today to lock in the price, and don’t pay until 2023.

Flex Plans – We can set up any plan that works for you, starting any month prior to the 2023 season, as long as you are paid off by September 2023. Pick your number of installments and the day you want them to come out. We will create a specialized plan that works best for you.

2023 Opt-Out Option

If you are undecided, or do not want to renew right now, you can log in to account manager at any time prior to October 14, 2022 at noon, and opt-out of automatic renewals by filling out the form at the bottom of the main page once logged in. Please note this will not permanently cancel your seats. We will hang on to them for a few months in case you change your mind before our final deadline. So while you may still see an invoice on your account after opting-out, you will not be charged.