• Spike and Punter will entertain and interact with guests, pose for photos, and sign autographs for your next big event.
  • Whether it be a fundraiser, corporate event or birthday party, Spike and Punter would love to celebrate with you.
  • Mascot appearances include two (2) P2 level tickets to an Edmonton Elks home game (Seating pre-determined by the Edmonton Elks based on availability
  • Appearance Fee: $250
  • Each appearance fee is based on one mascot for 1 hour with an additional $50 for each additional hour, up to 3 hours (breaks required as needed)
  • Appearances require a minimum of two weeks in advance notice.


* Only select Mascots under requested participants for your party, fundraiser, corporate event or birthday party. All requests paid or unpaid will be approved at the discretion of the Edmonton Elks Community department.


  • Fees are non-negotiable. All fees must be paid two weeks prior to the date of the appearance via cheque or e-transfer.
  • Appearances are based on limited availability and are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The Edmonton Elks Football Club reserves the right to turn down any request
  • Mileage fees may be required if the event location is over 50 km from Commonwealth Stadium
  • Submission of this request does not guarantee an appearance. Someone will get back to you to confirm availability and finalize payment for the event.
  • Mascots are happy to adapt to your event. If you have a special request that you would like them to be involved in, please contact us to discuss it. Otherwise, they will go about their usual antics, which consist of shaking hands, signing autographs, and taking pictures with your guests.
  • Mascot performers require a private and secure location, away from public access or visibility for their appearance (a public washroom is generally not acceptable).
  • Event hosts must provide a responsible adult volunteer when needed.
  • Be informed that if the event (whether big or small) gets out of hand and our mascot performers feel threatened in any way, they will leave the event, and appearance fees will NOT be refunded.