Located in Hamilton, the Canadian Football Hall of Fame represents all levels of Football in Canada both amateur and professional. Each year between 5 and 7 individuals are inducted in one of two categories, builder or player. To date, more than 50 individuals who have been part of the Green and Gold are enshrined in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, from builders like Joseph B. Ryan to players like Ricky Ray. View the complete list of Green and Gold Hall of Famers:

Name Role Year
Ricky Ray Player 2022
Don Wilson Player 2021
Hank Ilesic Player 2018
Derrell “Mookie” Mitchell Player 2016
Leroy Blugh Player 2015
Neil Lumsden Player 2014
Bryan Fryer Player 2013
Damon Allen Player 2012
Don Matthews
Builder 2011
Gino Fracas
Builder 2011
Terry Vaughn
Player 2011
Danny McManus
Player 2011
Joe Montford
Player 2011
Elfrid Payton Player 2010
Tracy Ham Player 2010
Rudolph “Rudy” Phillips Player 2009
Mike Pringle Player 2008
Darren Flutie Player 2007
Pierre Vercheval Player 2007
Henry “Gizmo” Williams Player 2006
Matt Dunigan Player 2006
Rod Connop Player 2005
Willie Pless Player 2005
Larry Highbaugh Player 2004
Cal Murphy Builder 2004
Dan Yochum Player 2004
George McGowan Player  2003
Ron Estay Player 2003
James Parker Player 2001
Warren Moon Player 2001
Danny Bass Player 2000
Hugh Campbell Builder 2000
Dave Cutler Player 1998
Tom Scott Player 1998
Dan Kepley Player 1996
Norm Kimball Builder 1991
Brian Kelly Player 1991
Eagle Keys Builder 1990
Dave Fennell Player 1990
Tom Wilkinson Player 1987
Roger Nelson Player 1985
Bill Zock Player 1984
Frank Morris Player 1983
Eric Wilwyn (Eck) Duggan Player 1981
Rollie Miles Player 1980
Tommy Joe Coffey Player 1977
Annis Stukus Builder 1974
M.I. (Moe) Lieberman Builder 1973
Jackie Parker Player 1971
Ken Montgomery Builder 1970
Johnny Bright Player 1970
Normie Kwong Player 1969
Joseph B. Ryan
Builder 1968

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