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January 2019

Date Transaction
Jan.2 American defensive lineman Jake Ceresna released
Jan.3 American defensive back Mercy Maston released
Jan.4 American defensive back Tyquwan Glass signed
American defensive back Brian Walker signed

American wide receiver D’haquille Williams released

Jan.8 American wide receiver Bryant Mitchell released
Jan.15 National defensive back Neil King released
Jan.16 American linebacker J.C. Sherritt retires
Jan.17 National punter Hugh O’Neill signed to a contract extension
Jan.18 American wide receiver Kevin Elliot signed to a contract extension
American linebacker Taylor Reed signed to a contract extension
American wide receiver Kenny Shaw signed
Jan.24 National wide receiver Natey Adjei signed to a contract extension
National defensive lineman Gabriel Bagnell signed
Jan.25 National wide receiver Harry McMaster signed
American linebacker Korey Jones signed to contract extension
Jan.31 American wide reciever Bryce Bobo signed
American wide receiver Anthony Mahoungou signed


February 2019

Date Transaction
Feb.1 National defensive lineman Kwaku Boateng signed to a contract extension
National linebacker Blair Smith signed to a contract extension
American linebacker Caleb Bailey signed
American defensive back B.J. Clay signed
American defensive lineman Ben Sorensen signed
Feb.11 National long snapper Ryan King signed to a contract extension
National fullback Calvin McCarty signed to a contract extension
American defensive back Forrest Hightower signed to a contract extension
American offensive lineman Colin Kelly signed to a contract extension
American wide receiver Kenny Stafford signed to a contract extension
Feb.12 National wide receiver Tevaun Smith signed
National running back Alex Taylor signed
American quarterback Trevor Harris signed
American linebacker Larry Dean signed
American offensive lineman SirVincent Rogers signed
American linebacker Jovan Santos-Knox signed
American wide receiver Greg Ellingson signed
American linebacker Donald Unamba Jr signed
American wide receiver DaVaris Daniels signed
American defensive back Anthony Orange signed
American wide receiver Ricky Collins Jr. signed
American offensive lineman Travis Bond signed

National wide receiver Nathaniel Behar became a free agent
American offensive lineman Travis Bond became a free agent
American wide receiver Juron Criner became a free agent
National fullback Alex Dupuis became a free agent
American linebacker Chris Edwards became a free agent
National defensive lineman Arnaud Gascon-Nadon became a free agent
National wide receiver Samuel Giguere became a free agent
American quarterback Kevin Glenn became a free agent
American defensive back Aaron Grymes became a free agent
American wide receiver Vidal Hazelton became a free agent
American running back Martese Jackson became a free agent
National running back Pascal Lochard became a free agent
National fullback Christophe Normand  became a free agent
American quarterback Mike Reilly became a free agent
American wide receiver Jamill Smith became a free agent
National offensive lineman Justin Sorensen became a free agent
American defensive back Brandyn Thompson became a free agent
American wide receiver Derel Walker became a free agent
National defensive back Josh Woodman became a free agent

Feb.13 National offensive lineman Qadr Spooner signed
Feb.14 National wide receiver Anthony Parker signed
Feb.21 American linebacker DJ Calhoun signed
Feb.22 National defensive lineman Andrew Marshall signed
American quarterback Logan Kilgore signed
Feb.27 American defensive end Darius Allen released


March 2019

Date Transaction
Mar.15 American defensive lineman James Hearns signed
American offensive lineman Tyler Howell signed
Mar.19 American defensive tackle Mic’hael Brooks signed
Mar.21 National fullback Alexandre Dupuis signed


April 2019

Date Transaction
April.22 American wide receiver Josh Stangby signed
April.24 National linebacker Vincent Schiffner signed
April.29 American linebacker Caleb Bailey released
American linebacker DJ Calhoun released
American defensive back Justin Gibbons released
National defensive lineman Evan Gill released
American defensive lineman James Hearns released
American wide receiver Anthony Mahoungou released
American defensive lineman Damani Mosby released
American offensive lineman Brandon Smith released
American defensive back Jalen Spencer released
American defensive back Johnny Adams retired
National wide receiver Peter Berryman retired
National offensive lineman Curtis Krahn retired


May 2019

Date Transaction
May.1 American linebacker Vontae Diggs signed
American linebacker Taylor Reed released
National linebacker Vincent Schiffner released
May.9 American defensive lineman Darius Jackson signed
May.15 National offensive lineman Kyle Saxelid signed
National fullback Peter Cender signed
National wide receiver Shai Ross signed
National defensive back Scott Hutter signed
National wide receiver Hunter Karl signed
National defensive back Eric Blake signed
May.17 Global wide receiver Diego Jair Viamontes Cotera signed
National defensive lineman Lucky Daniels signed
National kicker Gregory Hutchins signed
American defensive back Josh Johnson signed
National defensive lineman Jesse Joseph signed
Global linebacker Daniel Carrete Landeros signed
Global defensive back Genaro (Jose) Alfonsin Romero signed
Global linebacker Maxime Rouyer signed

American offensive lineman Tyler Howell released
National offensive lineman Mason Woods released

May.18 National linebacker Adam Konar released
May.19 American linebacker DJ Calhoun signed
National defensive back Mikael Charland signed
American defensive back Jalen Spencer signed
American defensive lineman Kendal Vickers signed
American linebacker Jonathan Walton signed
National receiver Malik Richards signed

American linebacker Brandon Pittman released
American wide receiver Kenny Shaw released
American defensive back BJ Clay suspended


American running back Martese Jackson signed

American defensive lineman Mic’hael Brooks released
National defensive lineman Lucky Daniels released
American wide receiver Miles Shuler released

May.22 American defensive lineman Kyle Cerge-Henderson signed
National defensive back Bryce Bartlett signed
May.23 American wide receiver Jake Smith signed
May.24 American wide receiver Jake Smith released
May.28 American offensive lineman Tyler Howell signed
American running back Blake Ingleton signed
American defensive lineman David Perkins signed


June 2019

Date Transaction
June.2 American quarterback Danny O’Brien released

American quarterback Troy Williams signed

National defensive back Mikael Charland released
National fullback Alex Dupuis released
National offensive lineman Qadr Spooner released
American defensive back Maurice McKnight suspended

June.6 American wide receiver Ron’quavion Tarver signed
American defensive lineman Trenton Thompson signed

American offensive lineman Andrew Peterson released

June.8 National offensive lineman Kwabena Asare released
National defensive lineman Gabriel Bagnell released
American wide receiver Tyler Batson released
American linebacker DJ Calhoun released
American linebacker Daniel Carrete released
American defensive lineman Kyle Cerge-Henderson released
American wide receiver Torrance Gibson released
American offensive lineman Tyler Howell released
American running back Blake Ingleton released
American defensive lineman Jamar King released
American defensive lineman Shaquille Riddick released
National defensive back Oshane Samuels released
American defensive lineman Ben Sorensen released
American defensive back Jalen Spencer released
American wide receiver Ron’quavion Tarver released
American defensive back Nick Taylor released
American defensive lineman Trenton Thompson released

National defensive back Eric Blake suspended
National wide receiver Hunter Karl suspended
American defensive lineman David Perkins suspended
National wide receiver Malik Richards suspended

National defensive back Bryce Bartlett retired
National kicker Greg Hutchins retired
American defensive back Robert Priester retired

June.17 American defensive back Nick Taylor added to the practice roster

National offensive lineman J’Micheal Deane signed

American linebacker Korey Jones released


July 2019

Date Transaction
July.7 American defensive lineman Kelcy Quarles released
July.8 American offensive lineman Eric Lofton added to the practice roster
July.9 American defensive lineman Darius Jackson released
July.10 American wide receiver Bryce Bobo released
American running back Jordan Robinson released
July.16 National offensive lineman Kwabena Asare added to the practice roster
July.23 National offensive lineman  J’Michael Deane released
July.30 National defensive back Bryce Bartlett added to the practice roster
American linebacker DJ Calhoun added to the practice roster


August 2019

Date Transaction
Aug.5 Acquired American kick returner Christion Jones from the Saskatchewan Roughriders
in exchange for American wide receiver Kenny Stafford.
Aug.8 American defensive back Nick Taylor released
Aug.12 National kicker Greg Hutchins added to the practice roster
Aug.15 National defensive lineman Andrew Marshall released
Aug.22 American linebacker DJ Calhoun released


September 2019

Date Transaction
Sept.9 National defensive lineman Mathieu Betts signed
Sept. 10 National defensive back Bryce Bartlett released
American wide receiver Josh Stangby released
Sept.16  National defensive lineman Stefan Charles added to the practice roster
American defensive lineman Jeremiah Clarke added to the practice roster
American offensive lineman Tristan Nichelson added to the practice roster
American defensive back Robert Priester added to the practice roster
Sept.24 American linebacker Kaulana Apelu added to the practice roster
Sept.27 National kicker Greg Hutchins released


October 2019

Date Transaction
Oct.1 National wide receiver Danny Vandervoort signed
Oct.8 International quarterback Bryan Scott signed
Ocr.14 American Linebacker Kaulana Apelu released
American defensive lineman Jeremiah Clarke released
American offensive lineman Tristan Nickelson released
American quarterback Bryan Scott released
Oct.17 National wide receiver Danny Vandervoort released


November 2019

Date Transaction
Nov.5 American defensive lineman Jake Ceresna added to the practice roster
American defensive back Keon Lyn added to the practice roster
National offensive lineman DJ Sackey added to the practice roster
American wide receiver Jamill Smith added to the practice roster
National offensive lineman Josiah St. John added to the practice roster
American running back TraVon Van added to the practice roster
Nov.28 American wide receiver Bryce Bobo signed
National fullback Peter Cender signed
American defensive lineman Jake Ceresna signed
Global wide receiver Diego Viamontes signed

December 2019

Date Transaction
Dec.5 Global defensive back Jose Alfonsin signed
American defensive back Afolabi Laguda signed
American defensive back Malcolm Washington signed
American defensive back McKinley Whitfield signed
Dec.11 American linebacker Josh Banderas signed
American quarterback Jeremiah Briscoe signed
American offensive lineman Eric Lofton signed
American linebacker Brandon Pittman signed
National wide receiver Danny Vandervoort signed
Dec.19 National defensive back Bryce Bartlett signed
American defensive lineman Dwayne Beckford signed
American defensive lineman Darrell Brown signed
American running back Devontae Jackson signed
National wide receiver Malik Richards signed