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January 2018

Date Transaction

International offensive lineman D’Anthony Batiste signed.

International wide receiver Brandon Zylstra released.


National offensive lineman David Beard signed to a contract extentsion.

International linebacker Kenny Ladler released.

Jan.12 International wide receiver Derel Walker signed to a contract extension.
Jan.15 International quarterback Kevin Glenn signed.
Jan.16 International wide receiver Shaq Hill signed.
National punter Hugh O’Neill signed to a contract extension

International running back Korliss Marshall signed

National offensive lineman Danny Groulx released
National defensive back Cauchy Muamba released
International defensive lineman Marcus Howard released
International defensive lineman Phillip Hunt released

Jan.24 National defensive back Neil King signed a contract extension
National defensive lineman Mark Mackie signed
International defensive back David Stevenson signed

February 2018

Date Transaction
Feb.1 International wide receiver Kenny Stafford re-signed.
International defensive back Ahmad Dixon signed.
Feb.2 Acquired international defensive tackle Jake Ceresna from the Ottawa RedBlacks
in exchange for international defensive end Odell Willis.

International wide receiver Vidal Hazelton signed to a contract extension

International wide receiver Adarius Bowman released

Feb.6 International fullback James Tuck signed to a contract extension
International defensive lineman DeVonte Fields signed
International defensive back Monshadrik Hunter signed
Feb.8 International linebacker Korey Jones signed to a contract extension
National running back Pascal Lochard signed to a contract extension
Feb.9 International linebacker JC Sherritt signed to a contract extension
Feb.13 International defensive back Johnny Adams signed to a contract extension
International defensive back Forrest Hightower signed to a contract extentsion
International defensive end Alex Bazzie signed
National linebacker Adam Konar signed

International defensive tackle Euclid Cummings became a free agent
National fullback John Delahunt became a free agent
National fullback Alexandre Dupuis  became a free agent
International offensive lineman Joel Figueroa became a free agent
International defensive back Aaron Grymes became a free agent
International linebacker Alex Hoffman-Ellis became a free agent
National linebacker Adam Konar became a free agent
International running back Kendial Lawrence became a free agent
National linebacker Doug Parrish became a free agent
International defensive back Gary Peters became a free agent
National offensive lineman Simeon Rottier became a free agent
International wide receiver Jamill Smith became a free agent
National long snapper Levi Steinhauer became a free agent
International running back Travon Van became a free agent
International kicker Swayze Waters became a free agent
National wide receiver Cory Watson became a free agent
International running back John White became a free agent

Feb.14 National linebacker Doug Parrish signed
International wide receiver Jamill Smith signed
International defensive back Nick Taylor signed
National offensive lineman Kwabena Asare signed
National defensive lineman Kalonji Kashama signed
International defensive lineman Darius Allen signed
International wide receiver AJ Cruz signed
International defensive back Alex Gray signed
International running back Marion Grice signed
International quarterback Zach Kline signed
International wide receiver Devante Noil signed
International offensive lineman Mykhael Quave signed
International defensive lineman Nick Usher signed
International linebacker Jon Walton signed

National defensive back Andrew Lue released

Feb.15 International running back John White signed.
Feb.16 International running back Travon Van signed.
International wide receiver Juron Criner signed
Feb.20 International defensive back Aaron Grymes signed.
Feb.21 National fullback Christophe Normand signed
National wide receiver Rory Kohlert signed
International linebacker Jeremiah Kose signed
Feb.28 International defensive back Buddy Jackson signed.


March 2018

Date Transaction
Mar.1 International offensive lineman D’Anthony Batiste retires

National offensive lineman Andrew Jones signed

National offensive lineman Andrew Jones retired

Mar.7 National offensive lineman Simeon Rottier signed
Mar.9 International defensive lineman Da’quan Bowers signed to a contract extentsion

International offensive lineman Kelvin Palmer signed

National linebacker Cory Greenwood released

Mar.16 International wide receiver Torrance Gibson signed
Mar.19 International running back Shaquille Cooper signed
International defensive back Jordan Holland signed
International offensive lineman Andrew Peterson signed

International offensive lineman Mykhael Quave released

Mar. 28

International offensive lineman Chauncey Briggs signed

International cornerback Marcell Young released

Mar.30 International defensive end John Chick retires.


April 2018

Date Transaction
April.3 National fullback Alexandre Dupuis signed.
April.19 International linebacker Rodney Butler signed
International defensive back Demetrius Wright signed
April.22 International defensive end Zachary Barnes signed
April.23 International wide receiver Devante Noil released


May 2018

Date Transaction
May.1 International linebacker Rodney Butler released
International wide receiver AJ Cruz released
International defensive lineman DeVonte Fields released
International running back Marion Grice released
National linebacker Kevin Jackson released
National defensive lineman Kalonji Kashama released
National linebacker Doug Parrish released
International defensive back David Stevenson released
International running back Travon Van released
May.2 Acquired Hamilton’s second-round pick (10th overall) and third-round pick (20th overall) in exchange for Edmonton’s first-round pick (6th overall) and the fifth-round pick (37th overall) in the 2018 CFL Draft.
May.4 National receiver Rory Kohlert retires

International offensive lineman Tommie Draheim signed.

International linebacker Jonathon Walton retired

May.16 National defensive back Godfrey Onyeka signed
National defensive back Jordan Beaulieu signed
National fullback Tanner Green signed
National offensive lineman Curtis Krahn signed
National running back Alex Taylor signed
National defensive lineman Gabriel Bagnell signed
National running back Blair Zerr signed

National offensive lineman Simeon Rottier retired

May.17 National running back Chris Amoah signed
National wide receiver Peter Berryman signed
National wide receiver Scott MacDonell signed
International linebacker Brandon Pittman signed
International defensive lineman Gerald Rivers signed

International wide receiver Miles Shuler signed

International defensive lineman Da’Quan Bowers retired

May.20 National wide receiver Giovanni Aprile signed
International wide receiver Keevan Lucas signed
International defensive back Jalen Spencer signed

International running back LaDarius Perkins released
International running back John White released
International defensive back Demetrius Wright released

May.21 International running back Jordan Robinson signed
May.23 International defensive lineman Jason Carr signed
May.24 International defensive back Buddy Jackson retires
May.25 International wide receiver Je’Mari Luper signed
International defensive back Maurice McKnight signed
May.26 International long snapper Brad Northnagel signed


June 2018

Date Transaction
June.4 International quarterback Eli Jenkins released
June.5 International wide receiver Torrance Gibson retired
June.9 International defensive lineman Zachary Barnes released
International offensive lineman Chauncey Briggs released
International linebacker Terrance Bullitt released
International defensive lineman Jason Carr released
International defensive back Ahmad Dixon released
International defensive back Alex Gray released
International wide receiver Shaquille Hill released
International defensive back Jordan Holland released
International linebacker Jeremiah Kose released
National offensive lineman Curtis Krahn released
National fullback Pascal Lochard released
International wide receiver Keevan Lucas released
International wide receiver Je’Mari Luper released
National wide receiver Scott MacDonell released
National defensive lineman Mark Mackie released
International defensive back Maurice McKnight released
International long snapper Brad Northnagel released
International offensive lineman Kelvin Palmer released
International defensive back Brandyn Thompson released
National running back Blair Zerr released
June.11 National fullback Pascal Lochard signed
International defensive back Maurice McKnight signed

National running back Chris Amoah released

June.18 International offensive lineman Travis Bond signed
International defensive lineman Rakim Cox signed
International offensive lineman Kelvin Palmer signed

National wide receiver Sam Giguere signed

International defensive lineman Tashon Smallwood signed

June.27 International defensive lineman  Tashon Smallwood signed


July 2018

Date Transaction
July.3 International defensive lineman Alan-Michael Cash signed
July.4 National defensive lineman Mark Mackie signed
International defensive back  Brian Walker signed
July.5 International defensive lineman Alan-Michael Cash released
July.24 International defensive back Brian Walker retired
July.30 International linebacker Jeremiah Kose signed.
July.31 International wide receiver Giovanni Aprile released


August 2018

Date Transaction
Aug.6 International defensive lineman Rakim Cox released
International defensive back Maurice McKnight released
Aug.7 International defensive lineman Gerald Rivers released
Aug.8 International wide receiver Miles Shuler released
Aug.14 National long snapper Tanner Doll signed
National linebacker Doug Parrish signed

National wide receiver Sam Giguere released
International linebacker Jeremiah Kose released
International offensive lineman Kelvin Palmer released

Aug.20 National wide receiver Sam Giguere signed
Aug.22 National linebacker Doug Parrish released
Aug.29 National defensive lineman Arnaud Gascon-Nadon signed


September 2018

Date Transaction
Sept.10 Acquired international running back Martese Jackson and a conditional sixth-round draft pick in the 2020 CFL Draft in exchange for Edmonton’s third-round pick in the 2019 CFL Draft.
Sept.17 National long snapper Tanner Doll added to the practice roster
International wide receiver Miles Shuler added to the practice roster
Sept.21 National long snapper Tanner Doll released
Sept.25 National wide receiver Peter Berryman added to the practice roster
International defensive back Justin Gibbons added to the practice roster
International wide receiver Torrance Gibson added to the practice roster
International linebacker Taylor Reed added to the practice roster
International defensive back Brandyn Thompson added to the practice roster


October 2018

Date Transaction

International defensive lineman Alan-Michael Cash added to the practice roster

International linebacker Brandon Pittman released


International wide receiver Kevin Elliott added to the practice roster

International defensive lineman Alan-Michael Cash released


National defensive lineman Evan Gill added to the practice roster

International wide receiver Torrance Gibson released

Oct.29 National wide receiver Peter Berryman released
International defensive back Justin Gibbons released


November 2018

Date Transaction
Nov.8 International quarterback Jeremiah Briscoe signed

International wide receiver Tyler Batson signed
International running back Shaquille Cooper signed
International defensive lineman Jamar King signed
International defensive lineman Kelcy Quarles signed
International defensive lineman Shaquille Riddick signed
International running back Jordan Robinson signed
International wide receiver Miles Shuler signed
International defensive back Jalen Spencer signed


International wide receiver Torrance Gibson signed
International defensive back Justin Gibbons signed
International linebacker Brandon Pittman signed


December 2018

Date Transaction
Dec.6 National defensive back Jordan Beaulieu signed
National wide receiver Peter Berryman signed
National running back Tanner Green signed
National offensive lineman Curtis Krahn signed
International offensive lineman Brandon Smith signed
National offensive lineman Mason Woods signed
Dec.14 International defensive back Maurice McKnight signed
National defensive back Oshane Samuels signed
Dec.18 International defensive back Robert Priester signed
International defensive lineman Damani Mosby signed