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January 2014

Jan.22 Import wide receiver Nicholas Edwards signed.
Import defensive back Desmond Marrow signed.
Import cornerback Domonique Johnson signed.
Jan.27 Non-import offensive lineman Adam Baboulas signed.
Non-import linebacker Curtis Dublanko signed.
Jan.30 Non-import quarterback Kerry Joseph released.


February 2014

 Feb.4 Import offensive lineman D’Anthony Batiste signed.
 Feb.5  Non-import defensive end Mathieu Boulay signed.
Feb.11 Non-import offensive lineman Andrew Jones signed. 
Non-import offensive lineman Justin Sorensen signed.

Non-import wide receiver Matt Carter became free agents.
Import slotback Cary Koch became free agents.
Import defensive end Brandon Lang became free agents.
Non-import defensive tackle Ted Laurent became free agents.
Non-import offensive lineman Scott Mitchell became free agents.
Import linebacker Damaso Munoz became free agents.
Import offensive lineman Orrin Thompson became free agents.

Feb.12 Import defensive back Patrick Watkins signed.
Non-import wide receiver Akeem Foster signed.
Feb.18 Import linebacker T.J. Hill released.

Import wide receiver AJ Guyton signed

Non-import safety Donovan Alexander released.

Feb.26 Import linebacker Deon Lacey signed.
Import running back Denodus O’Bryant signed.
Import linebacker Ryan Rau signed.


March 2014

Mar.7 Import defensive tackle Cedric McKinley
Import defensive tackle Daniel Ross signed.
Mar.13 Import offensive lineman Selvish Capers signed.
Mar.14 Import defensive back Chris Thompson released.
Mar.27 Import quarterback Pat White signed.
Mar.31 Import defensive back Myron Lewis signed.
Import wide receiver James Kirkendoll signed.

Non-import WR Keith Godding released.


April 2014

Apr.3 Import defensive end Willie Jefferson signed.
Apr.4 Import defensive back Josh Gatlin released.
Apr.8 Import defensive end Cameron Sheffield signed.
Apr.11 Non-import wide receiver Anthony Barrett signed.
Apr.17 Non-import long snapper Ryan King re-signed.
Apr.30 Import wide receiver/kick returner Joe Adams signed.
Wide receiver Mark Dell signed.
Wide receiver Brandon McCrae signed.
Wide receiver Patrick Robertson signed.
Offensive lineman Justin Wells signed.

Wide receiver Kemonte Bateman released.
Wide receiver Jamar Howard released.
Wide receiver James Kirkendoll released.
Offensive lineman Tyrone Novikoff released.
Running back Denodus O’Bryant released.
Running back Robbie Rouse released.


May 2014

May 5 Import running back Tyler Thomas signed.
May 13 Non-Import wide receiver Devon Bailey (first round, 6th overall),
Non-import running back Aaron Milton (second round, 15th overall),
Non import defensive back Raye Hartmann (fourth round, 30th overall),
Non-import kicker/punter Zackary Medeiros (sixth round, 48th overall),
Non-import defensive end Michael Dadzie (seventh round, 57th overall).
Edmonton acquired Toronto’s first and second round picks (6th and 15th overall) in the 2014 CFL Canadian Draft; import offensive lineman
Tony Washington, import defensive back Otha Foster and a negotiation list player in exchange for Edmonton’s first and third round picks
(3rd and 21st overall) in the 2014 CFL Canadian Draft and a negotiation list player.
May 14 Import offensive lineman Cliff Louis released
May 31 Non-import wide receiver Devon Bailey signed.
Non-import running back Aaron Milton signed.
Non-import defensive back Raye Hartmann signed.
Non-import kicker/punter Zackary Medeiros signed.
Non-import defensive end Michael Dadzie signed.

Import wide receiver Marcus Henry released.
Non-import linebacker Mike Cornell released.


June 2014

 June 1 Import defensive back Robert Sands signed.
Import offensive lineman Trevis Turner signed.
Import defensive back Anthony Watkins signed.
 June 5  Import wide receiver and kicker returner Joe Adams released.
 June 6 Import defensive end Ernest Owusu signed.
 June 7 Import defensive back Demond Marrow released.
 June 11 Non- import defensive back Mike Dubuisson selected in the CFL Supplemental Draft
in exchange for the team’s fifth round pick in the 2015 CFL Canadian Draft.
 June 12

Import linebacker Ryan Rau released.

Import defensive tackle Ra’Shon Harris signed.

June 15 International wide receiver Kevin Cummings released.
International wide receiver Mark Dell released.
International quarterback Jacory Harris released.
International defensive tackle Cedric McKinley released.
International defensive endErnest Owusu released.
National defensive back Shea Pierre released.
International linebacker Donovan Richard released.
International offensive lineman Trevis Turner released.
International defensive back Anthony Watkins released
International offensive lineman Justin Wells released.
June 21 National defensive tackle Gregory Alexandre released
National wide receiver Anthony Barrett released
International running back Hugh Charles released
National defensive end Michael Dadzie released
International defensive tackle Ra’Shon Harris released
National cornerback Raye Hartmann released
National centre Gord Hinse released
International defensive back Myron Lewis released
International slotback Brandon McRae released
National punter/kicker Zackary Medeiros released
National linebacker Kyle Norris released
International defensive tackle Daniel Ross released
International cornerback Robert Sands released
International defensive end Cameron Sheffield, released
National fullback Smith Wright released.
June 22 National defensive tackle Gregory Alexandre signed to practice roster.
National wide receiver Anthony Barrett signed to practice roster.
National cornerback Raye Hartmann signed to practice roster.
International defensive tackle Daniel Ross signed to practice roster.
International cornerback Robert Sands signed to practice roster.
International defensive end Cameron Sheffield signed to practice roster.
June 23 International quarterback Mike Reilly re-signed.
June 30 International wide receiver Lamont Bryant signed to the practice roster.
International wide receiver DJ Coles signed to the practice roster.


July 2014

July 1 International wide receiver Lamont Bryant released.
July 5 International wide receiver DJ Coles released.
July 7 International wide receiver L.J. Castile signed to the practice roster.
International defensive back Markus Smith signed to the practice roster.
July 8 International running back/kick returner Noel Devine signed.
July 9 International quarterback Jonathan Crompton released.
July.14 International defensive back Alonzo Lawrence signed.


August 2014

Aug.5 International wide receiver Marcus Rucker signed.
International linebacker Patrick Trahan signed.
Aug.18 International defensive back Markus Smith released.
International linebacker Patrick Trahan released.
Aug.21 National defensive back Cauchy Muamba signed to the practice roster.
Aug.28 International defensive tackle Cedric McKinley signed to the practice roster.


September 2014

Sept.2 Acquired offensive lineman Steve Myddelton in a trade with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in exchange
for a conditional pick in the 2015 CFL Canadian Draft and a fourth round pick in the 2016 CFL Canadian Draft.

International wide receiver Isaiah Williams signed to the practice roster


International wide receiver LJ Castile released.

Sept.8 National kicker/punter Luca Congi signed.
Sept.29 National wide receiver Paris Jackson signed.
Sept.30 National defensive end Bo Adebayo signed.


October 2014

Oct.7 International quarterback Matt Scott signed.
Oct.9 International wide receiver Chad Bumphis signed to the practice roster.
International defensive back John Ojo signed to the practice roster.
International defensive end Chaz Sutton signed to the practice roster.
Oct.28 International defensive end Chaz Sutton released.


November 2014


International quarterback Justin Goltz signed.

International defensive back John Ojo released from the practice roster.
International wide receiver Chad Bumphis released from the practice roster.


December 2014

Dec.12 National wide receiver Shamawd Chambers re-signed.
National offensive lineman Simeon Rottier re-signed.
National safety Corbin Sharun re-signed.
International defensive back Marcell Young re-signed.
Dec.17 International defensive end Marcus Howard re-signed
international offensive lineman Tony Washington re-signed.
Dec.18 National defensive back Ryan Hinds re-signed.
National linebacker Nathan Kanya re-signed.
National wide receiver Paris Jackson re-signed.