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January 2013


Non-import wide receiver Glenn MacKay released.

Import defensive end Marcus Howard re-signed.

Jan.18 Non-import linebacker Mike Cornell re-signed.
Jan.21 Import quarterback Steven Jyles released.
Jan.24 Non-import defensive tackle Eddie Steele signed.
Jan.31 Import quaterback Mike Reilly traded to Edmonton from BC along with the Lions’ second round pick (14th overall)
in the 2013 CFL Canadian Draft in exchange for Edmonton’s second round pick (11th overall) in the 2013 CFL Canadian Draft
and a second round draft pick in the 2014 CFL Canadian Draft.

Import defensive back Rod Williams released.

Import defensive lineman Lee Robinson released.


February 2013


Non-import offensive lineman Greg Wojt signed.

Non-import running back Jerome Messam, international quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, international linebacker
Simoni Lawrence and a 6th round pick (45th overall) in the 2013 CFL Canadian Draft traded to Hamilton in exchange
for linebacker non-import Nathan Kanya and the rights to non-import offensive lineman Carson Rockhill.

Feb.6 Import quarterback Jacory Harris signed.
Non-import running back Kyle Exume signed.
Feb.8 Import defensive back Chris Thompson re-signed.
Feb.12 Import slotback Fred Stamps re-signed.




Import defensive back Desmond Marrow signed.
Import kick returner Tavoy Moore signed.
Import wide receiver Marcus Rivers signed.

Import defensive lineman Kade Weston released.

Feb.15 Import defensive back Weldon Brown becomes free agent.
Non-import running back Pascal Fils becomes free agent.
Import wide receiver Marcus Henry becomes free agent.
Non-import wide receiver Tyler Scott becomes free agent.
Non-import offensive lineman Dylan Steenbergen becomes free agent.
Import defensive end Julius Williams becomes free agent.

Import defensive end Odell Willis signed.
Import defensive back Marcell Young signed.
Non-import offensive lineman Alexander Krausnick signed.

 Feb.17  Non-import defensive back Chris Rwabukamba signed.
 Feb.25  Import linebacker Rennie Curran signed.
Feb.27 Acquired second-round pick (10th overall) and third-round pick (24th overall) in the 2013 CFL Draft
from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in exchange for the rights to non-import defensive lineman Hasan Hazime
and Edmonton’s second-round pick (15th overall) in the 2013 CFL Draft.


March 2013

Mar.1 Non-import fullback Mathieu Bertrand released; acquired two fifth-round selections (39th and 40th overall)
in the 2013 CFL Canadian Draft from the Saskatchewan Roughriders in exchange for non-import kicker
Brody McKnight and Edmonton’s sixth-round selection (49th overall) in the 2013 CFL Canadian Draft.
Mar.20 Import defensive lineman Lindsey Witten signed.
Mar.28 Non-import wide receiver Tyler Scott signed.


April 2013

Apr.9 Non-import offensive lineman Carson Rockhill signed.
 Apr.18 Import slotback Terriun Crump released.
Defensive back Ronnie Prude released.
Wide receiver Marcus Rivers released.
 Apr.23 Import defensive back Cary Harris signed.


May 2013

May 1 Import wide receiver Marcus Henry signed.
Import defensive back Otis Merrill signed.
May 6 The Eskimos selected non-import DL Stefan Charles (second round, 10th overall) in the CFL Draft.
The Eskimos selected non-import LB Kyle Norris (third round, 24th overall) in the CFL Draft.
The Eskimos selected non-import offensive lineman Christopher Mercer (third round, 26th overall) in the CFL Draft.
The Eskimos selected non-import linebacker Jorgen Hus (fourth round, 31st overall) in the CFL draft.
The Eskimos traded non-import defensive lineman Etienne Legare  to the Calgary Stampeders for a fourth round pick
(36th overall) in the 2013 CFL Canadian Draft. The Eskimos selected non-import offensive lineman Taylor Servais with the pick.
The Eskimos selected non-import defensive end Ellie Ngoyi (sixth round, 51st overall) in the CFL Draft.
The Eskimos selected non-import fullback Smith Wright (seventh round, 55th overall) in the CFL Draft.
May 8 Import linebacker Kye Stewart released.
Non-import full back Peter Thiel released.
Non-import kick returner Steven Turner released.
May 9 Import wide receiver Rico Wallace signed.
Import running back John White signed.
May 13 Non-import wide receiver Ismael Bamba signed.
Non-import defensive lineman Gregory Alexandre signed.

Non-import defensive back Delroy Clarke released.

May 14 Import quarterback Jonathan Crompton signed.
May 15 Non-import wide receiver Tyler Scott released.
May 22 Non-import defensive back Shea Pierre signed.
Import running back Tracy Lampley signed.

Non-import defensive lineman Shawn Lemon released.

May 29 Import defensive back Aaron Grymes signed.
Import wide receiver Terrance Lewis signed.
Import wide receiver Owen Spencer signed.


June 2013

 June 1 Import offensive lineman Joel Bell released.
Non-import fullback Darcy Brown released.
Non-import centre Kyle Koch released.
Non-import offensive lineman Dale Stevenson released.
June 2 Import offensive lineman Branden Curry signed.
Import offensive lineman Johnny Culbreath signed.
Import offensive lineman Cliff Louis signed.
Non-import running back Brett Haenni signed.
Non-import quarterback Austin Kennedy signed.
Import defensive back Eric Samuels signed.
Non-import wide receiver Verran Tucker signed.
Non-import kicker/punter Tomas Silva signed.

Import defensive back Coryell Judie released
Import defensive back Desmond Marrow released

June 3 Import offensive lineman Thaddeus Coleman signed.
June 9 Import defensive lineman Jorge Wright signed.
Import wide receiver Isaiah Sweeney signed.
June 10 Import wide receiver Verran Tucker released.
June 16 Non-import wide receiver Ismael Bamba released.
Import wide receiver Dobson Collins released.
Import offensive lineman Johnny Culbreath released.
Import defensive back Cary Harris released.
Import defensive back Otis Merrill released.
Import wide receiver Owen Spencer released.
Import defensive lineman Jorge Wright released.
June 17

Import defensive back Eric Samuels released.

Import defensive back Cary Harris signed.

June 23 Import offensive lineman Nick Cody released.
Non-import running back Kyle Exume released.
Import wide receiver Ed Gant released.
Non-import full back Brett Haenni released.
Import defensive back Cary Harris released.
Import defensive back Clint Kent released.
Import wide receiver Terrance Lewis released.
Non-import safety Hugo Lopez released.
Import defensive back Michael Ricks released.
Non-import offensive lineman Carson Rockhill released.
Non-import offensive lineman Taylor Servais released.
Non-import K/P Tomas Silva released.
Import wide receiver Rico Wallace released.
Import defensive lineman Lindsey Witten released.
Non-import full back Smith Wright released.

Import defensive back Eric Samuels signs.

June 26

 Non-import linebacker Joash Gesse signs.

Import running back Tracy Lampley released.


July 2013

July 2

Import punt returner Phillip Livas signs.

Non-import wide receiver Youssy Pierre released.

July.12 Import punt returner Phillip Livas released.
July.22 Non-import punter Burke Dales released.


August 2013

Aug.13 Import wide receiver Dominique Edison signed.
Import wide receiver Jamar Howard signed.
Import offensive lineman Miles Mason signed.

Import offensive lineman Tyrone Novikoff signed

Import wide receiver Isaiah Sweeney released.

Aug.19 Non-import kicker/punter Hugh O’Neill signed.
Aug.20 Import defensive back Deante Purvis signed.
Aug.28 Non-import defensive back Ryan Hinds signed.
Import defensive end Nekos Brown signed.

Import defensive back Bryan Williams released.


September 2013

Sept.12 Import defensive back Deante Purvis released.

Import offensive lineman Branden Curry released.

Import defensive lineman Nekos Brown released.

Sept.24 Import defensive back Joshua Gatlin signed.
Sept.25 Import wide receiver Kemonte’ Bateman signed


October 2013

Oct.2 Import running back Robbie Rouse signed.
Oct.8 Non-import wide receiver Keith Godding signed.
Oct.14 Import wide receiver Carlton Mitchell signed.
Oct.27 Import offensive lineman Miles Mason released.
Oct.28 Import running back Robbie Rouse released.


November 2013



December 2013

Dec.2 Import slotback Adarius Bowman re-signed.
Dec.16 Import wide receiver Carlton Mitchell, non-import offensive lineman Alexander Krausnick
and non-import DE Justin Capicciotti selected by the Ottawa REDBLACKS in CFL Expansion Draft.
Dec.17 Import cornerback Joe Burnett re-signed.
Import running back Hugh Charles re-signed.
Dec.18 Import quarterback Matt Nichols re-signed.
Non-import safety Mike Miller re-signed.
Dec.19 Import defensive tackle Almondo Sewell re-signed.