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January 2017

Date Transaction
Jan.3 International linebacker Deon Lacey released.
Jan.5 International wide receiver Derel Walker released.
Jan.16 International wide receiver Vidal Hazelton signed
Jan.25 International quarterback Brett Smith signed.
Jan.27 International wide receiver Kenzal Doe released.
Jan.30 Internationals defensive back Brandyn Thompson signed to a contract extension.
Jan.31 International wide receiver Adarius Bowman signed to a contract extension.


February 2017

Date Transaction
Feb.1 International defensive back Marcel Young signed to a contract extension.
Feb.9 National receiver Shamawd Chambers signed.
International defensive end Marcus Howard signed to a contract extension.
Feb.10 National receiver Natey Adjei to a contract extension.
National linebacker Blair Smith to a contract extension.
Feb.14 International punt returner Kendial Lawrence signed
National defensive back Andrew Lue signed.
National fullback Alexandre Dupuis signed.

National receiver Devon Bailey became a free agent
International offensive lineman D’Anthony Batiste became a free agent
International running back Shakir Bell became a free agent
National receiver Chris Getzlaf became a free agent
International defensive lineman Phillip Hunt became a free agent
National running back Aaron Milton became a free agent
National defensive back Cauchy Muamba became a free agent
International defensive back John Ojo became a free agent
National defensive lineman Don Oramasionwu became a free agent
International defensive back Cord Parks became a free agent
National punter Grant Shaw became a free agent
International receiver Troy Stoudermire became a free agent
International defensive back Patrick Watkins became a free agent

Feb.15 International defensive end Phillip Hunt signed.
Feb.16 International running back Travon Van signed.
International defensive lineman Aston Whiteside signed.
Feb.23 International defensive end Michael Buchanan released.

International defensive tackle Euclid Cummings signed.

National defensive tackle Eddie Steele released.


March 2017

Date Transaction
Mar.1 National fullback Mike Miller released.
Mar.6 National offensive lineman Matt O’Donnell signed to a contract extension

National linebacker Cory Greenwood signed.

International quarterback Jordan Lynch retires

Mar.16 International defensive back Johnny Adams signed
Mar.31 National offensive lineman Chris Greaves released.


April 2017

Date Transaction
Apr.10 National wide receiver Nate Coehoorn retires
Apr.12 International linebacker Korey Jones signed.


May 2017

Date Transaction

International offensive lineman Colin Kelly signed

International linebacker Donnie Baggs released
International linebacker Alex Hoffman-Ellis released
International defensive end Jabari Hunt released
National defensive back Mike Dubuisson released

May.11 International defensive lineman Da’Quan Bowers signed
International linebacker Terrance Bullitt signed
International wide receiver Larry Cobb signed
International offensive lineman Devin Davis signed
International defensive back Chris Edwards signed
International wide receiver John Harris signed
National defensive lineman Hasan Hazime signed
International wide receiver Daniel Jones signed.
National linebacker DJ Lalama signed
International defensive back Kent London signed
International linebacker Terrell Manning signed
International defensive back Mercy Mastan signed
International linebacker Trent Matthews signed
International defensive back Solomon Means signed
International offensive lineman Darius Morris signed
International quarterback Danny O’Brien signed
International running back LaDarius Perkins signed
International wide receiver Jarvis Turner signed
International running back Ladarius Vanlier signed
International wide receiver Cass White signed
International wide receiver D’haquille Williams signed
International defensive lineman Rykeem Yates signed
May.15 National running back Johnny Augustin signed

International defensive lineman Ike Igbinosun signed.

National wide receiver Andrew Johnson retires

May.23 International linebacker Aiavion Edwards signed
May.25 National offensive lineman Jean-Simon Roy signed
National linebacker Christophe Mulumba signed
National defensive back Jordan Hoover signed
National defensive lineman Kwaku Boateng signed
National defensive lineman Mark Mackie signed
National offensive lineman Kwabena Asare signed
May.26 National running back Pascal Lochard signed
National slotback Chris Getzlaf signed.
International defensive back Forrest Hightower signed.

National defensive lineman Hasan Hazime released
National defensive back Kent London released

May.27 International defensive lineman Mike Moore signed
May.28 National defensive back Arjen Colqhoun signed.
May.29 International linebacker LaKeith Walls signed.


June 2017


Date Transaction

International wide receiver K.J. Maye signed

International offensive lineman Devin Davis released
International linebacker Aiavion Edwards released

June.3 International offensive lineman Cassidy Curtis signed
International linebacker Jeremiah Kose signed

International running back Marion Grice signed

International quarterback Brett Smith released

June.5 International defensive back Ahmad Dixon signed
International quarterback Zach Kline signed
International defensive back Kent London signed

International wide receiver Daniel Jones released
International linebacker Terrell Manning released
International wide receiver Cass White released

June.10 International defensive back Tyler Thornton released
June.11 National kicker Cole Sabourin signed.
June.13 International defensive lineman Aston Whiteside released
June.14 National wide receiver Scott MacDonell signed.
June.17 National running back Johnny Augustin released.
National wide receiver Anthony Barrett released.
National long snapper Casey Chin released.
National linebacker DJ Lalama released.
National defensive lineman Mark Mackie released.
National defensive lineman Elie Ngoyi released.
National fullback Alex Ogbongbemiga released.
International wide receiver Larry Cobb released
International offensive lineman Cassidy Curtis released.
International defensive back Ahmad Dixon released.
International running back Marion Grice released.
International wide receiver John Harris released.
International defensive lineman Ikponmwosa Igbinsoun released.
International linebacker Jeremiah Kose released.
International running back Kendial Lawrence released.
International defensive back Kent London released
International linebacker Trent Matthews released.
International defensive back Solomon Means released.
International offensive lineman Darius Morris released.
International wide receiver Jarvis Turner released.
International wide receiver Ladarius Vanlier released.
International linebacker LaKeith Walls released.
International defensive lineman Rykeem Yates released

National offensive lineman Kwabena Asare added to practice roster
National defensive back Andrew Lue added to practice roster
National wide receiver Scott MacDonell added to practice roster
International offensive lineman D’Anthony Batiste added to practice roster
International quarterback Zach Kline added to practice roster
International defensive back Mercy Maston added to practice roster
International defensive lineman Mike Moore added to practice roster
International wide receiver K.J. Maye added to practice roster
International wide receiver Kenny Stafford added to practice roster

June.21 National wide receiver Nathaniel Behar signed
June.27 International linebacker Alex Hoffman-Ellis signed.


July 2017

Date Transaction
July.5 International running back Kendial Lawrence signed
July.17 National Offensive Lineman Jacob Ruby signed.
National Linebacker Kevin Jackson added to practice roster.
July.24 National kicker Hugh O’Neill added to the practice roster
International linebacker Antonio Longino added to the practice roster
July.31 National defensive back Cauchy Muamba signed
National fullback Levi Steinhauer signed.
International linebacker Devonte Fields added to the practice roster


August 2017

Date Transaction
Aug.1 International running back Marion Grice added to the practice roster
International defensive lineman Rykeem Yates added to the practice roster

International linebacker Antonio Longino released
International defensive lineman Devonte Fields released


International offensive lineman Tony Washington released

National defensive lineman Kalonji Kashama added to the practice roster.

Aug.15 International defensive lineman Darius Allen added to the practice roster.
Aug.20 Acquired international defensive lineman John Chick and a 5th round draft pick in the 2018 CFL Draft from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats
in exchange for 2nd round draft pick in the 2018 CFL Draft.
Aug.21 National defensive back Chris Rwabukamba signed
International wide receiver Jamill Smith signed
International linebacker Jeremiah Kose added to the practice roster.

National wide receiver Scott MacDonell released.
International defensive lineman Rykeem Yates released.

Aug.31 National fullback Jason Tuck signed


September 2017

Date Transaction
Sept.2 National kicker Christopher Milo signed.

International wider receiver Derel Walker signed

National defensive back Chris Rwabukamba released

Sept.8 National fullback James Tuck released
Sept.12 National fullback James Tuck signed
International defensive back Ahmad Dixon added to the practice roster
International defensive back Devin Smith added to the practice roster

International defensive lineman Darius Allen released
International linebacker Jeremiah Kose released

Sept.13 International defensive back A.J. Jefferson signed.
Sept.14 National defensive lineman Kalonji Kashama released
Sept.17 Acquired Hamilton’s 7th round pick in the 2018 CFL Draft along with their 5th round pick in the 2019 CFL
Draft in exchange for national slot back Shamawd Chambers.
Sept.20 International defensive back Aaron Grymes signed
Sept.25 National kicker Brett Lauther signed.
International kicker Swayze Waters signed.

International defensive back Ahmad Dixon released.
International defensive back Devin Smith released.


National defensive lineman Kalonji Kashama signed

National wide receiver Chris Getzlaf released

Sept.29 National kicker Chris Milo retires


October 2017

Date Transaction
Oct.2 Acquired international running back C.J. Gable from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in exchange for two players from the club’s negotiation list.
Oct.5 National fullback John Delahunt signed
National defensive back Brendan Morgan signed to the practice roster.
International linebacker Jonathan Walton signed to the practice roster.
International defensive back Alex Gray signed to the practice roster.
International wide receiver Devante ‘Speedy’ Noil signed to the practice roster.
International offensive lineman Mykhael Quave signed to the practice roster.
International defensive lineman Nick Usher signed to the practice roster.

National kicker Brett Lauier released
International Running Back Marion Grice released

Oct.12 National linebacker Bryn Roy added to the practice roster
Oct.17 National linebacker Bryn Roy released
Oct.25 National linebacker Nehemie Kankolongo added to the practice roster.
International running back Marion Grice added to the practice roster.
International running back Shaun Wick added to the practice roster.

International wide receiver AJ Cruz added to the practice roster.

International offensive lineman Mykhael Quave released


November 2017

Date Transaction
Nov.1 International Defensive Back Alex Gray released
International Wide Receiver Devante ‘Speedy’ Noil released
International Linebacker Jonathan Walton released
International Defensive Lineman Nick Usher released
International Wide Receiver AJ Cruz released
International Running Back Shaun Wick released


December 2017

Date Transaction
Dec.8 National kicker Sean Whyte signed to a contract extension

Acquired national offensive lineman Mason Woods from the Toronto Argonauts in exchange for international quarterback James Franklin and a third round draft pick in the 2018 CFL Draft.

International quarterback Eli Jenkins signed

Dec.12 International running back CJ Gable signed
Dec.14 International offensive lineman Colin Kelly signed