For information on 2022 suites, please email partnerships@goelks.com.

Concourse Suites
These suites are located on the east and west stadium concourses and vary in size from 10 – 16 people. Each suite is equipped with a private washroom and has comfortable couch seating, along with bar seating at the window to view the game from the warmth of the suite. Also included is a private section of stadium seats in front of your suite, which are exclusive to you and your guests. The TV in each suite allows for easy viewing of replays and 50/50 updates. If you are interested in a 10 or 16 person suite, or for inquiries on any suites please email partnerships@goelks.com


Suite_1 (2)
South Level 2 Suites
These 30 – 50 person suites are located on the south end of the building, on the second level. The grand appeal to these suites is the large patio space with permanent seating for the keen football fans, as well as high top tables for socializing. As the later months bring cooler weather, each suite is equipped with patio heaters to ensure you and your guests stay warm while cheering on the Elks!


Directors Club Suite
This 16 – 20 person suite is an extension of the Director’s Club, however is an exclusive space to you and your guests. The bar in the Director’s Club is just a few steps away from your private room, where you can also enjoy catering by the Sawmill Restaurant Group. The room features floor to ceiling windows providing a panoramic view of the entire stadium with soft seating for your comfort. This suite features a TV so you and your guests can stay updated on the 50/50 and catch replays.


Directors Club Lounge
The Director’s Club Lounge is a semi private lounge for 10 people, over looking the field from the south end. One lounge area will consist of your own soft seating spaces, access to private cash bar, and a high end buffet, which is included in the price. There are only 4 of these areas available and are sold at an annual level.

For inquiries on any suites please email partnerships@goelks.com

Additional Tickets
Additional standing room tickets may be purchased for each suite. Friends, family and colleagues already in possession of game tickets are welcome into the suite as well.