The Edmonton Elks are excited to offer a free, safe and convenient way access to your season tickets through your Edmonton Elks Account Manager, this will allow you:

  1. Safe and easy access to your tickets for Elks home games
  2. Convenient online ticket management to forward or donate your tickets
  3. Improved control and distribution when sharing tickets
  4. Reducing risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit or forgotten tickets
  5. Quick and easy mobile entry to the stadium using a smartphone
  6. With the reduction of paper, greater environmental friendliness

If you’re looking to transfer your tickets click here to find more information

It’s important to remember that bar codes are animated, and cannot be screen captured or shared as a picture. Your ticket must be shown as it is in your mobile phone wallet, or as delivered by Ticketmaster. For those who cannot access mobile tickets, email service@goelks.com to arrange for alternative delivery.

Looking to send your tickets as a gift? Click HERE to view our editable Gift Certificate!

Mobile Ticketing Walkthrough

Follow the tutorial below to find out how to access your mobile tickets. To find out how to transfer your tickets to your click here!

Step 1: Using your smartphone, go to Edmonton Elks Account Manager either through the website or via the Elks Rewards App.

Step 2: Enter your Edmonton Elks Account email address associated with your season seats, your password and press “sign in” to continue.   If you can’t remember your password, tap “forget password”.  If you don’t see the email in your inbox, make sure to check your junk folder.

Step 3: Go to My Events and scroll through to select the game you wish to attend.

Step 4: Select your seats and hit continue to see the unique barcode for each game ticket.

Step 5: Simply show the show the barcode upon entering the stadium.

We recommend adding all of your game tickets to your Apple wallet or Google Pay in advance of your arrival at the stadium to make entry as fast as possible.

The barcodes are constantly changing, you won’t be able to use a screenshot to get into the game.    

When going through the ticket gate make sure to have your ticket page open from either your phone wallet or a web browser.  On your web browser, simply scan your unique barcode. While on your phone wallet tap or hold your phone near the reader and it will scan your tickets. 


Follow these steps below to find out how to transfer and receive ticket via your Edmonton Elks Account Manager  and click here to find out how to accept transfer tickets

Step 1: Using your smartphone, visit the Edmonton Elks Account Manger

Step 2: Enter your Edmonton Elks Account email address, your password and press “sign in” to continue.  If you have forgot your password, hit “forgot password” and follow the directions.

Step 3: Go to Events and scroll through to select the game you wish to transfer to a friend.

Step 4: Select the “transfer” button in the lower left hand corner.

Step 5: Select the box associated to the seats you want to transfer and click “continue”.

Step 6: Click “select from recipients” or “manually enter a recipient” to transfer tickets via email.

Step 7: The tickets will display that the recipient is waiting to claim the tickets, and you will receive a confirmation email of the transfer.

How to Accept Transferred Tickets

Step 1: Click on the “accept tickets” link in the email.

Step 2: You will be directed to my Edmonton Elks Account. If you currently have an account, sign in with your email address and password, making sure you use the same email address that your tickets were sent to. If you do not have am Edmonton Elks account, click “create an account now.”

Step 3: After you are signed in, you have completed the ticket transfer process. You will receive a confirmation email with steps on how to view and save your tickets.

Step 4: Click any of the seats you have received to view your unique barcode.
It is highly recommended to add all your tickets to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay before arriving to The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium

Step 5: Simply show the barcode to the ticket taker upon entering The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium. If you have multiple tickets, you can see the next ticket by swiping right to left.