The Elks are proud to have the support of their mascots both on and off the field. Nanook and Punter participate in events around Edmonton and area each year and love to be a part of the action. Look for them on the sidelines cheering on the guys in Green and Gold at every home game.

To request Nanook and/or Punter at your community event, please send the event information (including time and date) to


Position: Mascot (#1 Fan / CFL Tough Guy) – Import
Home town: Ada, Ohio
Height: 6.0
Weight: 15 psi
Acquired: Drafted out of Chicago, Illinois in 2004.
History: Punter was created in May of 2004 as result of a manufacturer’s error at the Wilson football factory in Ohio. The workers skipped a decimal point and a giant football was created! Punter knew he was different than all the other footballs and felt like he didn’t belong at the factory. He searched and searched for sports teams all over the world and one day came across the legendary Green and Gold. Once he saw a photo of Commonwealth Stadium – the biggest and best stadium in the CFL – he knew he had found his calling! Punter immediately signed on with the team and met Nanook, who taught him the “Green and Gold Way.” His excitement and enthusiasm fit right in with the team.

Today:  Punter spends his off-season relaxing on the beach and working on his dark-brown leathery tan. Once spring hits, look out – this ball of energy can’t wait to get back on the field and dominate the CFL!

Likes: Showing off, wrestling, bugging Nanook, and beating opponents

Dislikes: The colours red, light green, yellow, orange, and all shades of blue

Favorite Elks Moment: Jumping in the Hot Tub during a game.


Position:  Mascot (Locker room protector/ Mentor)
Home town: Arctic Circle
Birthday: July 11
Height: 10 hands
Weight: That’s personal
Acquired: Signed as a free agent in 1997.

History: Nanook was born in Northern Canada, somewhere in the Arctic Circle.  One winter day, Nanook left began on a journey that would eventually lead him to Edmonton. Traveling south, Nanook passed through town after town, finding that the Northern Albertans were especially friendly, even offering the bear some food to eat or a cave to spend the night. One fateful afternoon, Nanook came upon a sign that read “City of Champions.” It was the capital of Alberta! Nanook felt instantly that this was his home. As he roamed the streets of Edmonton, it suddenly grew dark and cold – a blizzard was coming! He found shelter in the biggest, strongest looking building he could find – Commonwealth Stadium. He snuck his way into a warm dark room for hibernation. In the spring, Nanook was awoken from his hibernation by the EE training staff who had come to get the locker room and equipment ready for training camp. They took him under their wings and welcomed the bear as their new mascot – and even had the fans select his name!

Today: Nanook spends his off-season protecting the locker room. Every spring, Nanook sheds his winter pounds at training camp, buffing up for a new season of football. Nanook loves his job as defender of the Empire and protector of his home turf, The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium.

Likes: Exercising, playing with kids and most of all – winning!

Dislikes: Horses, gophers, birds, all felines, planes, boats