Congratulations to all the members of the 2024 Edmonton Elks Cheer Team! Check your email for more details.

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Do you want to be part of the Elks Cheer Team? Here’s your chance!

The Edmonton Elks Cheer Team consists of a technical dance team and acrobatic stunt team. Team members can only be a member of one part of the cheer team and therefore can only audition for the dance team or stunt team, not both. Auditions take place for both the dance team and stunt team at the same time.

JANUARY 29 – Preliminaries Day 1

Registration at 6:00 PM – Gymnasium at Commonwealth Recreation Center

  • Dance Team candidates will learn two dances, in two different styles of dance.
  • Stunt Team candidates will learn a stunt sequence, and will be assessed on mounts and dismounts, air positions, and basket tosses. Each candidate will perform a stunt demo of their choice.

FEBRUARY 1 – Preliminaries Day 2

7:00 PM – Gymnasium at Commonwealth Recreation Center

  • All Dance Team candidates will be assessed on the dances taught on January 29
  • Stunt Team candidates will not be required this day
  • Finalists will be announced following the preliminary audition

FEBRUARY 3  – Finalist Interviews

Time TBD – Edmonton Elks Team Office

FEBRUARY 5 – Finals

7:00 PM – Gymnasium at Commonwealth Recreation Center

  • Dance Team candidates will be required to perform a solo of their choice and will be reassessed on the dances from preliminaries.
  • Stunt Team finalists will be assessed on all material from preliminaries, on an as-needed basis

FEBRUARY 6 – Team Announcement

If you would like to receive more information regarding auditions or would like to preregister for auditions, please email entertainment@goelks.com.