December 13, 2022

Green and Gold launch Guaranteed Win Ticket

Want a guarantee you’ll see the Edmonton Elks win at Commonwealth Stadium this season before you buy your home opener tickets? Here it is.

On Tuesday, the Elks launched a limited number of Guaranteed Win Tickets to their regular season home opener on Sunday, June 11 against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Everyone in Green and Gold is craving a home victory at Commonwealth Stadium, and the Club is confident a win is on the horizon.


Here’s how the ticket works:

  • A limited number of P1 (best seat in the house) tickets to Edmonton’s 2023 home opener on June 11 against the Saskatchewan Roughriders will be sold as Guaranteed Win Tickets.
  • Buy a Guaranteed Win Ticket and you’ll keep your seat until the Elks deliver a win at home. Pay once, and a win you shall receive. It’s a win-win for you.
    • If the Elks WIN on June 11, you’ll leave happy that our pesky home skid has ended.
    • If the Elks lose on June 11, you’ll receive your same seat to Edmonton’s June 25 matchup vs. Toronto.
      • Fans will get their same seat at no additional cost until the Double E deliver a home win.

A limited number of Guaranteed Win Tickets are on sale now, so be sure to give the gift of an Elks home win this holiday season.