September 8, 2022

Project $2M: Parkinson Association of Alberta fundraiser

Of the following few hundred words, two mean more than all the others combined.

Seven and ten letters, respectively, these words characterize not only the Parkinson Association of Alberta, but the individuals it serves.

And put together, they form the theme for the 10th annual Step ‘n Stride for Parkinson’s.

“Our community is a shining example of this year’s theme, strength and resilience,” says Lana Tordoff, Executive Director of the Parkinson Association of Alberta.


The fundraising walk is taking place in nine locations across the province on Saturday or Sunday, including Edmonton on Sept. 10 and Camrose on Sept. 11. For a complete list of communities and dates click here.

Each location will feature food and treats, entertainment, activities and games, prizes and more.

“The point is for people to get together with your local community,” says Tordoff. “This isn’t a competitive race, it’s an opportunity to get out into the sunshine and get together with friends and family and the Parkinson’s community and just enjoy an afternoon where the funds raised will continue to support each individual community.”

Parkinson disease and Parkinson Plus Syndromes affects more than one in 500 people across Canada, and over 10,000 Albertans. Since its inception, Step ‘n Stride has raised more than $3 million dollars to help support a better life for those living with and loving someone with Parkinson disease and Parkinson’s Plus Syndromes. Last year, the events raised over $435,000, and the goal for 2022 is to reach $500,000.

“It is our largest annual fundraiser,” Tordoff explains. “This event earns us about 20% of our annual budget, which is really critical. We’re a small organization and it’s the community that keeps this organization going and this is one of those events that really makes an impact on how many people we’re able to reach and support when they need is.”

Visit the Step n’ Stride website for further information and to register.