September 7, 2022

Community: Beaudry helps Fill The Seats to Save Lives

Edmonton Elks quarterback Mike Beaudry was on location at Canadian Blood Services on Wednesday, helping get out the message of the importance of giving blood.

As part of the ‘#FillTheSeats to save lives’ campaign, Beaudry appeared live on Cruz 95.7 and Play 107 radio stations, sharing his inspiring story.

Beaudry had signed up for a stem cell donor registry while he was in college. More than four years passed, when last winter, the rookie pivot was found to be a match for a 68-year-old male battling lymphoma. Knowing he could potentially save someone’s life, Beaudry didn’t hesitate to take part in a blood stem cell transplant.

“I’m hoping that people can hear my story and think that maybe they should do that too,” says Beaudry. “And it’s not even because I’m doing it, it’s just that the opportunity I got can happen to literally anybody. Anybody can have that chance to do that. The coolest thing is people realizing that.”

Last month, Beaudry helped lead the charge for the Elks donor drive in partnership with Canadian Blood Services. The drive was an overwhelming success, resulting in 141 units collected on Aug. 29.

Blood is needed by someone in Canada every minute of every day. Donations are used for patients undergoing surgery, cancer treatments, routine medical treatments for various diseases and disorders, and much more.

Each month in Edmonton, new and long-time blood donors are needed to fill up appointments. Donor centres are open in the evenings, weekends, and long weekend holidays. To book an appointment visit blood.ca, download the GiveBlood App or call 1-888-2-DONATE.